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M2M: Enabling a New Convergence

Mar 25, 2014

By Pete Westafer

I recently read Robin Cook’s novel, Cell, in which the smart phone becomes the primary care physician – via an app endowed with artificial intelligence and supported by cloud computing and big data. I found this book a fascinating read. And at the end of this book, in an author’s note, Dr. Cook references as influential to his thinking another book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine, by Eric Topol, MD, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute in La Jolla, CA.   Together, these books illustrate the coming wave of changes in healthcare that are enabled by a new convergence of medicine, communications and information technology

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How to Avoid the Digital Silo

Mar 18, 2014

By Tamara Franklin

Most buyers are channel agnostic, unfortunately, and marketers sometimes get caught in the digital silo, setup by outdated company models. This silo mentality reduces efficiency and may be a contributing factor to a shrinking online brand presence. Well-organized companies promote the sharing of information, in an attempt to let the combination of various groups within the organization function as a team.

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Infographics: More Than a Pretty Picture

Mar 11, 2014

By Pete Westafer

Infographics pre-dates the written word, by a long shot – think early cave paintings. More “recently,” this well-known 1858 infographic was created by Florence Nightingale to differentiate the causes of mortality among British soldiers in the Crimean War (graphic published in Wikimedia Commons).

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7 Ways to Support a Champagne Campaign on a Beer Budget

Mar 4, 2014

By Laura Borgstede

1.        Don’t Pay Gold Prices for Pewter PR

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