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The Art of Coverage

Apr 30, 2014

By Tim Kridel

There’s a scene in the 1994 film “The Paper” where a columnist laments, “We run maimings on the front page because we got good art.” Any newspaper journalist in the theater was nodding his head at that point because it’s true.

But the practice isn’t limited to tabloids. In fact, it’s something that any company hoping to get coverage in the trades or mainstream media should keep in mind.

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How to Leverage LinkedIn Updates for Content Marketing

Apr 23, 2014

By Tamara Franklin

LinkedIn, the social networking site primarily used for professional networking has more than 277 million users in 200+ countries. Its membership grows by approximately two new members every second. Professionals have come to count on LinkedIn as the go-to destination to cultivate business connections and uncover important data about colleagues, competitors, customers and prospects. LinkedIn has also evolved into a very valuable weapon to add to your content marketing arsenal.

LinkedIn Updates are the easiest and most basic way of sharing content on LinkedIn. They work much like posting to Facebook or Twitter, you simply type what you want to say into a box, you can also add links, photos and videos for good measure.

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Content marketing: adding structure to your blog program

Apr 16, 2014

By Jason Meyers

Blogs can be an effective tactic to reach an organization’s constituencies. The medium is dynamic and personal – you are the publisher. You will become better acquainted with your customers. But like any other marketing activity, the program must be planned and pursued with consistency. These challenges almost always arise related to blogs:

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Do Blogs Really Attract Customers?

Apr 9, 2014

By Tim Kridel

What’s the business case for blogging? It’s a reasonable question, similar to one that’s often asked about Facebook and Twitter: How many likes, shares, retweets and favorites really lead to new customers and more sales?

A growing amount of research suggests that blogging has a solid return on investment. One example is HubSpot’s annual “State of Inbound Marketing” report. The latest edition is based on a survey of more than 3,300 executives, business owners and marketers worldwide. Some highlights:

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Leveraging Partner Relationships for Marketing Content

Apr 2, 2014

By Pete Westafer

Maybe your product or service is produced, sold and maintained solely by your company. More likely than not, however, you combine your product with those of others to provide an end-to-end solution. And in many situations, you may work with several specific partners – each with a specialized position in a vertical market – in order to offer a “best of breed” solution that is precisely aligned with customer requirements.

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