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Are you down with OPC (Other People's Content)?

Dec 17, 2014

By Tamara Franklin

More than 27 million pieces of content are shared each day (AOL & Nielsen), and taking advantage of this influx of information can benefit your business by increasing visibility, website visits and leads. Gathering together content from other sources and delivering it in a structured way to help build your audience’s interest in your industry, product or service is known as content curation.

Though referred to by some as just another fancy term for using other people’s articles and posts, content curation is fast becoming a way that businesses can reach their audiences, establish an online presence, and build relationships with potential and current clients.

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Calysto Introduces ROIPlus: Q&A with Laura Borgstede and Charul Vyas

Dec 8, 2014

By Laura Borgstede

Calysto recently introduced ROIPlus, a new business analytics tool for marketers. We talked to CEO Laura Borgstede and Chief Strategist Charul Vyas to explore the thinking behind ROIPlus and what it means for the marketing industry.

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