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Why You Must Add Influencer Marketing to Your Content Strategy

Feb 17, 2015

By Tamara Franklin

The concept of influencer marketing describes the practice of targeting your marketing to a select group of individuals, e.g., journalists, analysts and bloggers— that have influence over the buying decisions of your target audience. If you have a media list that you regularly pitch to, you’re already using influencer marketing in your PR program. But are you leveraging this strategy for your content marketing program as well?

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Five Ways to be Your Company’s MWC Rock Star While Never Leaving the Office

Feb 12, 2015

By Sue O'Keefe

Your team is at Mobile World Congress, arguably one of the biggest trade shows of the year for most companies. They’re schmoozing with customers, eating great dinners every night and having an all-around good time. You’ve been left back at the office while they have all the fun.

Yep, life’s not fair, however, the reality is that trade show “fun” usually leaves everyone downright exhausted and wishing they were back in the office in their cushy chair rather than standing eight hours a day, waiting for the enormous taxi line or the Metro, and heading out for three-hour dinner after three-hour dinner.

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5 Ways to Unstick Your Social Flow

Feb 6, 2015

By Scott Samele

Struggling to come up with fresh ideas for posting updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook? Even the most accomplished curation gurus can get stuck.

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Three Reasons It Makes Sense to Have More Than One Blog

Feb 3, 2015

By Sue O'Keefe

You have a blog, and it’s going well—you’re able to keep up with posting a few times a week, and have even convinced different team members to chip in once in a while with a unique perspective. And the blog 

is driving new traffic and new leads to your company’s website. So if things are already going well, why would it make sense to add a second blog to the mix?

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