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What Message to What Media? Know Your Audience

Feb 7, 2017

By Pamela Rentz

Wondering why your product message isn’t connecting with the IoT media you want to reach? Think about it this way: Have you ever been trapped in conversation with a well-meaning dinner partner who spent the entire time talking about a subject in which you have absolutely no interest? (Say you’re a dedicated vegan, and all they want to talk about is the superior taste of free-range beef.)

If there’s disconnect between your targeted influencers and the message you want to convey about your IoT product or service, you’re literally wasting your time—and theirs. Products can be labeled with the “hot” IoT language, but that’s not enough. You must deliver your message with the proper context, to the right people, or it’s almost like you never delivered it at all.

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Topics: social media, brand building, content marketing, Messaging

Why Your Marketing Plan Should Be More than #MWC17

Jan 12, 2017

By Pamela Rentz

Planning to attend the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? It’s the world’s biggest industry event in mobile, wireless and IoT, and more than 2,200 companies will be showing off their wares, vying to attract the attention of more than 3,600 media and analysts and 100,000 attendees crowding the halls.

An event of this size deserves a prime spot on your marketing calendar, for sure. But keep in mind that while MWC might be a high point of your marketing plan, it shouldn’t be your entire focus for the year. Kick-start your year with a Q1 bang at MWC, but don’t overload your annual marketing circuit with only MWC, or you may not get the results you need for the year.

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Topics: Trade shows, Mobile World Congress, event marketing, annual planning, MWC

6 Reasons You Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

Sep 29, 2015

By Pamela Rentz

Do you know what your company’s hardest working asset is? If you answered your business blog, you’re right! Chugging away 24/7, it drives traffic and leads to your website while increasing your search engine ranking to boot. However, far too many companies treat their blog like a 30-day challenge. Full of good intentions and enthusiasm at first, they’re sure they’ll keep up the effort going forward. But when the novelty wears off, regular postings tend to taper off. And then, the inevitable questions arise about why the blog isn’t delivering results long-term.

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