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The Value of Delivering a Concise Elevator Pitch at Your Next Trade Show

Oct 11, 2017

By Tamara Franklin

Participating in trade shows – especially the big ones like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mobile World Congress (MWC) and the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) – can be a big investment in time and money for your company. However, it’s also an investment that can reap huge rewards. The growth that can result from exposing your brand, products or services and spokespeople to thousands of attendees, media, analysts and industry thought leaders is priceless. But to make a good impression and take full advantage of the opportunity, it’s extremely important that your first impression is clear. And a big piece of that puzzle is honing your company’s elevator pitch. Here are a few things to consider:

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How to Win at CES

Sep 27, 2017

By Tamara Franklin

How hiring a Strategic Marketing Communications agency can increase your chances of success at the show

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Six Key Steps to Cultivating Thought Leadership

Jun 29, 2016

By Sue O'Keefe

Cultivating Thought Leadership is like any other marketing campaign—it contains distinct elements, rolled out over a specific period of time. It’s also different from many campaigns you’ve probably worked on, in that you are raising the profile of a specific person, not a company. Because of that, your Thought Leadership campaigns should be separate and distinct from your ongoing Industry Leadership campaigns. (Not sure the difference? We’ve defined each of them here).

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