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The Value of Delivering a Concise Elevator Pitch at Your Next Trade Show

Oct 11, 2017

By Tamara Franklin

Participating in trade shows – especially the big ones like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mobile World Congress (MWC) and the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) – can be a big investment in time and money for your company. However, it’s also an investment that can reap huge rewards. The growth that can result from exposing your brand, products or services and spokespeople to thousands of attendees, media, analysts and industry thought leaders is priceless. But to make a good impression and take full advantage of the opportunity, it’s extremely important that your first impression is clear. And a big piece of that puzzle is honing your company’s elevator pitch. Here are a few things to consider:

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How to Win at CES

Sep 27, 2017

By Tamara Franklin

How hiring a Strategic Marketing Communications agency can increase your chances of success at the show

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5 Things You Should Be Doing Now to Prep for MWC Americas

Jun 20, 2017

By Tamara Franklin

It’s summer, and while your marketing team may be working on autopilot, with nothing but beach vacations and plans of soaking up the sun on their minds, it’s time for a much-needed reality check. When it comes to preparing for a major trade show, the mistake many companies make is to wait until a month or two before the show to start formulating a plan. Unfortunately, by this time, it’s often too late to ensure that your organization can make a real impact. So, if you plan to attend Mobile World Congress Americas this Fall, put down the piña coladas and start thinking about these five things right now:

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Why Your Marketing Plan Should Be More than #MWC17

Jan 12, 2017

By Pamela Rentz

Planning to attend the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? It’s the world’s biggest industry event in mobile, wireless and IoT, and more than 2,200 companies will be showing off their wares, vying to attract the attention of more than 3,600 media and analysts and 100,000 attendees crowding the halls.

An event of this size deserves a prime spot on your marketing calendar, for sure. But keep in mind that while MWC might be a high point of your marketing plan, it shouldn’t be your entire focus for the year. Kick-start your year with a Q1 bang at MWC, but don’t overload your annual marketing circuit with only MWC, or you may not get the results you need for the year.

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How to Conquer a Call for Speakers: Three Leading Tech Conferences Weigh In

Sep 1, 2016

By Tamara Franklin

Speaking at industry trade shows is a strategic move that can land you everything from new business leads, increased sales and media coverage to Thought Leadership status for your executives. Perhaps you’ve submitted paper after paper, only to be rejected time and time again. Let us give you the inside track.

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10 Things You Can Still Do to Make CTIA Your Best Show Ever

Aug 23, 2016

By Sue O'Keefe

CTIA Super Mobility 2016 is right around the corner, and for many companies in the mobile, wireless, telecom, IT and IoT industries, it’s one of the top trade shows of the year. While the days are ticking away, there is still time to make an impression and gain awareness for your company, regardless of whether you’re exhibiting, speaking or just attending.

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Five Reasons I Love Trade Shows

Aug 18, 2016

By Laura Borgstede

I love trade shows: the noise, the excitement, the peoplelots of people. Run into me at any trade show and I probably have a huge smile on my face as I move from meeting to meeting across the show floor and through the conference halls. I’ve been in this industry for more than 25 years, and the amusement never wears off.

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